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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

tlhIngan maH! *

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Trekkies can show up in the wierdest of places, as Ananova reports:
Germany's state-run radio is broadcasting its output in a new language - Klingon.

The popularity of the show in Germany and abroad prompted Deutsche Welle network to offer online reports and audio clips in Klingon.
It shouldn't be surprising that something like this could happen, considering the effort that some people put into all things Klingon.

There's the Klingon Language Institute, who have now published Hamlet,Much Ado About Nothing and Gilgamesh - all in the original Klingon. The Roundhouse Community Center here in Vancouver used to offer the KLI language course a couple of years ago, but haven't offered it recently.

There's also the Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps based, oddly enough, in Canad Kanada (in its original mid-70's incarnation the KIDC was a loose collection of Star Trek and S/F fans - one of whom was the S/F writer Robert Asprin - who provided volunteer "security" for various and sundry S/F conventions...and causing general mayhem wherever they showed up. The original KIDC has been supplanted by the Dorsai Very Irregular...led by Robert Asprin, who refers to himself as the DVI's "Commandammit").

Of course there are always sites devoted to Klingon collectibles, including one site (serious über-fan alert here!) which offers a Klingon cookbook for sale (more ways to prepare qagh, oh joy...).

And you can even do a Google search in Klingon.

Most people will think all of this devotion is a bit on the insane side, but having spent more than a few years lurking about the SCA, I'm really in no position to criticise (I just try not to let my medievalist tendencies spill over into the "real" world).

I guess the world is what you want to make of it.

* For those of you dying of curiosity, the title of the post translates as "We are Klingons!". The graphic is "The Lord's Prayer" nicely illumned and calligraphed in Klingon.