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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Weapons of Mass-transit Distraction

The staid old BBC has come up with an intriguing new way to bring culture to the masses:
If the people won't go to the opera, bring the opera to them... and when they least expect it.

In a somewhat unorthodox addition to its autumn television schedules, the BBC has announced that next month it will surprise commuters by staging an opera at an unnamed London rail station, without any warning.

The 65-strong orchestra and three opera singers will swoop unannounced, with selected members of the public joining in as a chorus after being contacted at the last minute by mobile phone text message.

The event, to be broadcast on the BBC3 satellite channel, is based on the concept of "flashmobbing", an Internet craze in which people agree to converge in a public area and join in a seemingly random act.
Underground art, indeed...