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Monday, August 23, 2004

Thunderbirds are GONE! (probably dead and buried, too)

For those of us who knew we'd be disappointed by this year's Thunderbirds movie and wisely decided not to go see it, there is a movie coming out October 15th that will probably blow Thunderbirds away.

And rightly so...

The movie is Team America: World Police and it's done by the madmen who do South Park. There's a good article about it in the New York Times:
Last month in the vast hangar space where they were shooting the movie, "Team America: World Police," they spent the whole day complaining about how hard it had been to make: stressful, tedious, and exhausting.

"We had the perfect lives making `South Park,' " grumbled Mr. Parker, who seemed to think everything but his current work schedule was a joke - war, world leaders, his peers. A half-incinerated puppet of Tim Robbins lay slumped in a corner. "We had complete creative control. All our friends work on the show. It's great fun." He rolled his eyes. "This movie is so hard."
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There's another good article over at Ain't It Cool News, and did see the word 'puppet' in that NYT excerpt.

Apparently the MPAA wanted to slap an "NC-17" rating on the thing (for puppets having sex, yet), but it looks like the movie may come out with an "R" rating instead (the old is bad, but violence is okay).

I can't wait.

You can download a QuickTime version of the trailer here.