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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Poodle hunting...

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"Be vewy, vewy quiet..." - E. Fudd
While I prefer my own "Chihuahuas of Inconvenience" label for the right-wing pundits, it looks like this book will be a pretty good read (if the book description at is any indication):
Beware the attack poodles—like a mutant invasion, they have taken control of America's airwaves and newspapers. Trained to spring at any foe of their radical conservative agenda, these Republican lap dogs dominate the mass media by scoring points with their masters in the White House inner circle, while simultaneously using the sorcerer's art of punditry to advance their conservative point of view. And, as James Wolcott reminds us in this blistering indictment of their bully tactics, the great canine horde has hijacked the country's media, bringing not just the tradition of an independent press, but the entire American way of democracy, to its knees. The attack poodles are at war, and they won't rest until they banish dissent in any form.
A must-add to the library, if you ask me...

(Much thanks to Atrios for the heads-up on this.)