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Monday, August 30, 2004

The Last March...

Photo Credit: Christine T. Nguyen/The Herald-Sun (click for larger image)

The "gentleman" with the microphone is Bob Dumas, morning jock for G105.1, and the organizer of the "het pride parade" that was held in Raleigh, NC on Saturday. You can find the coverage of that event by one of their local papers here.

I have to admit that the photographer has a nice touch for irony (and timing). The slogan on the sign carried by the young man behind Mr. Dumas says it all, don't you think? (I make no comment on Dumas' hat. None is really needed)

As a bit of a related aside, I found this comment in the comment stream of another blog's item about the event:
Terri Tyson’s letter to the editor (cited by Cam above) is appalling. Terri wails: “There are powerful advocacy groups for every segment of our society, except for men . . .”

Terri, we have powerful support organizations for men: the New York Stock Exchange, the US Senate, the White House, America’s 300 year academic tradition, our legal system’s legacy etc. etc. including 90+% of all institutions in America.
And one more thank you goes to Pam for the post.