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Monday, August 23, 2004

I guess Fame IS the Name of the Game...

("KID, HAVE YOU REHABILITATED YOURSELF?") - Arlo Guthrie ("Alice's Restaurant")
There's an old saying that you can't get rid of a bad penny, and it would appear that saying is horribly true.

You may not recognize the pseudo-scantily clad female portrayed above (and you may not WANT to recognize her, either) but she is one of B.C.'s very own "women with a past" and, like that proverbial bad penny...she's back.

Here are a couple of hints as to who she is:
- She was once the poster child for "victims of sexual harrassment" in a notorious case at SFU, a distinction she quickly lost

- She went on to having the distinction of being charged for harassment of an "un-named male" (the name of whom was subsequently revealed - see item dated 12/13/02 on the linked page) - and there was at least one other accusation of harrassment floating about.
Yes, we are talking here about none other than Rachel Marsden, and she has returned to our attention, having apparently re-invented herself as a right-wing-nut pundit.

She has apparently received some political tutelage under Karl Rove (it's only fair to point out that, according to reports, she was let go from Grewal's campaign after the party brass found out she was working for Grewal under an alias).

She posts articles on her own website (her archive is here, if you care), and she has also become "prominent" by having written pieces for Rev. Moon's UPI International, as well as Debate USA, Common Conservative and Political USA (that last item gained her a bit of notice at the on-line insane asylum). She has also been, according to one of her "official" bios, "a Director of a Washington, DC-based political think-tank". Her other "official" bio also points out that she has a regular call-in show on CITR radio (this page contains info about the show, a link to the GOPUSA bio mentioned previously, a link to "endorsements", and copies of letters of thanks from both Dubya's White House and Ken Starr).

Oddly enough, neither of her "official" bios has any information about her well-publicised "history", or even any stated connection to B.C.; both bios only indicate she received her education in "her native Canada", and the Political USA one only has the CITR call letters and frequency number (CITR's own website just minisculely indicates it's in Vancouver, for heaven's sake!). I've been told by friends who've actually heard her show (don't worry, the psychiatrist says they'll recover...eventually) that attempts to bring up her "past" (the real one, anyways) elicits a response from her that would do Dick Cheney proud.

She has quite willingly, it would seem, attempted to position herself to be one of les trois Grande Dames of right-wing-nuttery. She may be succeeding. She certainly got the attention of Pandagon and Daily Kos earlier in the year.

Who knows? She could have a very bright future ahead of her...although maybe not necessarily as a pundit.

I'd like to see Tim Burton cast her, along with Ann Coulter and Michele Malkin, in a filmed version of the Scottish play (and need we guess which roles I have in mind?), should he ever decide to do one. I think they'd do well in it (and they won't even need that much makeup).

Oh yes....there is one other little distinction that Ms. Marsden has achieved for herself (which could also bode well for her future, I should think).

It's the one pictured above, and if you would be so brave as to click here, I think you'll agree that Ms. Marsden, for all her success, really hasn't moved all that far from her roots...