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Friday, July 09, 2004

Goooood little special commando...

A couple of days ago I opined about the outing campaign which is currently sweeping Washington D.C. In it I made comparison between certain gays and the "special commandos" employed by the Nazis at Auschwitz and other concentration camps. of those "special commando" types has been heard from, and he is Lynden Armstrong, administrative director for Republican Senator Pete Domenici of New Mexico. In my opinion you couldn't find a better example of conscience-less, self-serving, deluded weaseldom:
"I have to keep in mind [Domenici] isn’t personally against me or gay people,” Armstrong said. “I don’t always agree with him, but he has to answer to his constituents. He has to do what he was elected to do which is represent his constituents in New Mexico. If you look at the polls, overwhelmingly in New Mexico they are in support of FMA.”


In response to the call of many in the gay community for gay staffers to speak out against FMA, Armstrong said that his job requires him to separate his personal viewpoints from policy matters espoused by the senator.

“My office knows how I feel about these issues, but it’s how I feel personally and it’s not my opinion as a professional on the Hill, “ said Armstrong. “My job is to support the Senator as he represents New Mexico.”


Armstrong admits that the political wrangling over the FMA, including Pres. George W. Bush’s endorsement of the measure in January’s State of the Union address, makes him uneasy, but quickly added that he was expressly a purely personal opinion. Overall, he added, the controversy has left him convinced that he has a duty to remain in the Republican Party as an out gay man to change attitudes within the party.
[Above quotes are drawn from this article]
The boy can't be that brain-dead, can he? Sadly...yes, he must be if he's worked for Domenici for ten years (but it could also mean he's got a masochism complex that can raise hard-ons on sadists at a range of ten miles...)

As I wrote in my earlier post: "The stupid ones stay, usually elevating prestige and position (and paychecque) above any humane ideology...and they deserve every bit of the abuse that they get (from both sides)." Oh yes, this man (and I do use the word advisedly) Armstrong pretty much fits the "stupid" and "special commando" descriptions to a "T" (in fact, I think he's placed highly enough to be described as Überkommando der Strichjungen, but I digress...) , so I guess he's definitely earned his obedient-Republican-puppy kibble for this month.

Before I really become cynical here, I invite you to head over to AMERICAblog for John's take on the little scumbag (which I agree with, except that maybe John wasn't harsh enough on him...).