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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Banned from Boston...

"A liberal is a conservative who's been through treatment." - Garrison Keillor
Let me state up front that I am no admirer of Ann Coulter. My opinion of her "writings" is that she would have been considered an extremist even by the editorial standards of Der Stürmer (and she makes Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS look like a Mouseketeer, too). Needless to say, I was a bit surprised when I heard that The Queen of Darkness would be slandering offering commentary about the Democratic Convention for USA Today.

Talk about waiting for the train wreck to happen...and it didn't take long, either.

USA Today apparently spiked her first piece and summarily dismissed her (replacing her with conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg). It may have qualified as shock treatment, but at least someone at USA Today showed a bit of sense. I won't quote from the article (I'm not that perverse), but Human Events Online has published the item, including USA Today's editorial comments and Herself's piteous whinging about the situation.

Poor dear. This could well be her first (public) encounter with an unsympathetic editor that I'm aware of...and I devoutly hope she has many, many more of them. For selected comments about the piece (tying in nicely to the above Keillor quote), you can go here (and much kudos to reef the dog over at DailyKos for the original posting).

I don't think any amount of therapy would help her...or Human Events Online, either (they think she's "witty" and "vivacious"...not to mention the fact she's also their Legal Affairs correspondent)...and that's no great loss for the Left.

(Note: If you think you have the stomach for it, you can find more of Herself's writings here. And don't say you weren't warned!)