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Saturday, July 03, 2004


The consequences of stupidity (alleged and real):
A Boy Scout troop tried to put a dent in a potential $14 million judgment Friday by selling lemonade at $250 a glass.

The federal and state governments earlier this week sued the Boy Scouts of America to recover costs of the 2002 East Fork fire, allegedly started by Utah Scouts.

"C'mon, we need your help!" shouted one Scout to cars whizzing past during morning rush hour.

Troop 347 of Fruit Heights, a suburb north of Salt Lake City, was not involved in the campout two years ago that officials say precipitated the fire a fact that the boys pointed out to potential donors but they still wanted to help their fellow Scouts.
The lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that about 20 Boy Scouts ages 11 to 14 were left without adult supervision for a night outside an approved campground. Some of the boys built fires that were left to smolder and spread across more than 14,000 acres, the lawsuit says.

U.S. Attorney Paul Warner said the complaint seeks $13.3 million for the federal costs of fighting the fire and reclaiming charred land in the Uinta Mountains. The state is asking more than $600,000 for its firefighting expenses.
A lovely example of bureaucratic overkill at its finest, and in this case I have to agree with the opinion of at least one person:
"What's more important? Teaching them what they did was wrong by showing them that there's no forgiveness for something they did unintentionally? That's not how the system should work." - Paul Gotay
Hopefully the courts will be a little more charitable than the bureaucrats.