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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Tyranny of the Technomages...

While doing some of my usual offbeat web-surfing, I came across an intriguing essay that brought to mind the word "technomage" (for a good envisioning of this concept I point you to the Babylon 5 episode "The Geometry of Shadows"). The author starts with Gregory Benford's Corollary to Clarke's Third Law and does an intriguing expansion on it, including the following:
The very best technologies cease being "technologies". They become just part of life. Nobody calls a hammer "technology", but it is. The best technologies are like hammers. They are excellent at doing what they do. They are powerful -- a hammer is powerful enough to do you serious damage if you use it poorly, or kill someone if you so intend -- but reasonably safe. Hammer heads generally don't fly off their handles. They are reliable. They are not any more confusing than necessary. Nobody wonders at hammers.
All too true...