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Thursday, June 03, 2004

To the Memory Hole, Robin!

Early this morning (5:00-ish) I e-mailed a newspaper story link to a few friends. Somewhere between 5 and noon the story disappeared from the web-page of the paper.


Basically the story was about a local lad (bright, personable, &c., &c.) who scratch-built an AR-15 for his grade 12 science fair project (wasn't allowed to bring it to school, but provided complete construction documentation, &c., &c.), and is of such sterling calibre (either spelling applies in this instance) that the local Marine recuiting officer wrote him such a glowing endorsement of his character upon enlistment that, after his two-year (right!) stint in the Marine Corps (barring any blemishes on his record), he will be detailed to the Presidential Security Detail.

And who said Horatio Alger was dead?

I figured I'd post it out there and let everyone point out the obvious flaws (2, as near as I can figure) in the story:

1) The presidential security detail is run and manned by the U.S. Treasury Department (and prefers to recruit from the FBI, as far as I know);

2) They may have meant the White House Marine Detachment; in which case the only way you could probably get posted to that with less than five years in the Corps would be to prove yourself to be the living incarnation of Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler:
Bio: (part one) (part two)

Of course, if Shrub & The Busheviks get the second term they're slavering and conniving for, the poor bastard'll have no shortage of beaches to shoot at...(quirky question: does UC Berkeley even have a beach? I'm pretty sure Kent State doesn't...)

Guess maybe it was just one of those stories meant to inspire the Republican vot....ummmmm...patriotic ordinary American....

Besides, in an alternate universe he'd probably turn out to be the guy who builds the pony nuke that takes out Washington D.C. on inauguration day...