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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Tails of The City...

So....there I was...minding my own business...when suddenly...

Took a small trip into the political Twilight Zone yesterday. I was downtown doing some shopping, when I was accosted by a young (twenty-ish) NDP canvasser outside of the VAG. She very politely asked who I intended to vote for in the federal election. I replied: "the mice."

Blank look...followed by "what?"

It's a moderately distressing feeling to note that carrying out "political re-education" doesn't necessarily apply to just one's opponents. A few moments of conversation elicited the fact that she had virtually no clue about the history of the party she was canvassing for, at least any of the party's history pre- Audrey McLaughlin.

So I tossed a few names at her. Agnes McPhail. Eugene Forsey. The Regina Manifesto. J.S. Woodsworth. She didn't get a one (oops, I'm wrong...she got Ed Broadbent, but only as a current candidate)...and she's a card-carrying NDP'er.

Then I got to Tommy Douglas. Well, she knew he was Kiefer Sutherland's grandfather and that he introduced "medicare" (her word) in Saskatchewan (and she butchered the pronounciation, too). She didn't know about the doctor's strike that happened, either.

Then I asked her about Douglas's other major contribution to Canadian politics.

Blank look #2...

So I told her about "Mouseland" as best I could (being a little short on four-part harmony these days), and told her she should be able to find it on any NDP website (with video, if you're lucky).

Comes the dawn. "Ohhhhhh....mice!....I get it!"