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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Patriot Shames

"My intention is to stay in the race" - Jack Ryan *
Republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan, who I tend to refer to as the "Tom Clancy candidate" (and I now apologise to Mr. Clancy for that) is the target of a moral firestorm unleashed at him after court documents concerning his divorce from Jeri Ryan ("7 of 9" in Star Trek: Voyager...what was that man thinking?) were released to the public domain (the Chicago Tribune and a Chicago TV station sued to have them released). The documents contain serious allegations (you can read them at - where else? - The Smoking Gun) which Mr. Ryan continues to deny.

This has severely damaged his chances (which weren't that good, anyways) to defeat his opponent, Democrat Barack Obama (who is very tactfully keeping his mouth shut on this), not only in the eyes of the general public, but also in the eyes of some Republicans.
"There's no way the people of Illinois are going to countenance this behavior from a Senate candidate from the Republican Party." - Rep. Ray Lahood *
He should probably drop out of the race, but he's going to follow the Dubya principle and "stay the course", despite mounting public opinion, showing an astounding political obtuseness (or maybe it's typical Republican hypocrisy) on his part by trying to play the "political motivation" card.
"I think this is a new low for politics. It seems to me it's just a new standard, and I don't think it's healthy for our democracy." - Jack Ryan *
Perhaps Mr. Ryan should discuss that "new standard" with Gary Hart. He might learn something.

UPDATE (9:10am): Kos has an interesting item showing how the Republicans are trying to circle the wagons on this.

* All quotations drawn from an AP (via Yahoo!) report

Unwise Political Name Note:The Republican candidate for Attorney General of Pennsylvania is Tom Corbett...shouldn't he be working for NASA?