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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

One more take on The Legacy of Ronzo

Buzzflash's The Angry Liberal has a (relatively) non-vitriolic take on the Reagan presidency, its consequences, and the vision of the American people:
Reagan wasn't a strong president, but he played one on television. And to the shame of America, that was good enough for most of us.

Without the Ronald Reagan presidency, there would certainly be no George W. Bush presidency. After Reagan's presidency entered the history books, Americans started believing that presidential candidates no longer needed a strong political resume. True, Dubya brought down the presidential qualification bar to an all-time low when he entered office. But if an actor could run the nation for eight years, electing a dim, arrogant frat boy who recently traded alcohol for Jesus actually seemed within the realm of possibility. I mean, how hard could being the most powerful man on earth be, anyway? [LINK]

Weep for America.