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Friday, June 18, 2004

The Last Stomp.

The Master Monster himself returns1 to the big screen yet again, along with 13 other kaiju (Japanese movie monsters) to wreak the usual round of city-destroying mayhem in:
Toho Pictures has announced that Godzilla: Final Wars (hereafter G:FW) is supposed to be the "final" Godzilla movie (for at least ten years). Of course, Toho's Destroy All Monsters (1968/69) was also supposed to be the "final" Godzilla movie...

G:FW will be the 19th Godzilla film since then2 (and the last of the fourth iteration of the canon - only James Bond and Dr. Who have had more reincarnations, I think). There's very little information available in English3, but G:FW appears to be a spiffier (larger, and louder) remake of Destroy All Monsters (which, imnsho, is the 2nd worst film of the canon - Godzilla's Revenge is much cheesier); there are more monsters in G:FW, and more cities get stomped on: New York, Shanghai, Paris, Sydney and (of course) Tokyo.

And that's the real fun4 of these movies: The epic scenes of massive urban destruction. With the advances in S/FX over the years since Godzilla was "reintroduced" in 1984 (the actual style of the city-stomping has remained remarkably unchanged), this film should indeed be spectacular:

1 December in Japan, probably spring in North America.
2 This does not include the American travesty, which is (snidely) referred to as GINO - Godzilla In Name Only - in 2001's GMK: All Monsters Attack.
3 Toho Pictures official Godzilla site (in japanese only), or Toho Kingdom (english-only fansite)
4 Best to watch any kaiju film in japanese w/english subtitles so you can ignore most of the plot and all of the bad dubbing (most of the voice-dubbing in Destroy All Monsters seems to have been done by graduates of the William Shatner school of timing...and whoever dubbed the voice of one newscaster sounds like he came straight from Wide World of Sports).