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Monday, June 14, 2004

Going for the go-Naders...

When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. - Colson's Law

In today's Guardian, columnist Gary Younge offers a caution to the Democratic Party by holding up Tony Blair as an example; the use of denial is not a good tactic in winning those "hearts and minds":
Hell hath no fury like an American Democrat scorned. Given the pious mendacity of the current administration, anger is currently the Democrats' regular emotion of choice. Just the mention of defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, attorney general John Ashcroft or vice-president Dick Cheney will set diatribes in motion. But if you really want to see them in a rage wait until the Bushwhacking stops and someone admits that they voted for Ralph Nader, the anti-corporate crusader, in the 2000 presidential elections.

The N-word should not be spoken in polite liberal company. Once his name has been uttered all camaraderie and bonhomie evaporate as readily as if the miscreant had confessed to relieving himself in the host's sink. There is a ready-made vocabulary Democrats use to describe how they feel about George Bush. When it comes to Nader, and by association those who voted for him, words fail them.
You can go read the rest of it here. Enjoy...