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Monday, June 28, 2004

Game on!

Hmmmm...maybe Elections Canada got the hint after the last election. All three Canadian TV networks started their election coverage at 4pm (Pacific time). At the moment the results from Atlantic Canada are just starting to come up, and it looks thusly:
Leading and elected. Reporting:26/308

Liberal: 17
Conser.: 07
NDP: 02
Other: 00
I'll update this post as the circus continues (or at least until my brain implodes).

UPDATE: 7:00pm (Pacific) - The polls in BC have now closed. Standings (so far):
Leading and elected. Reporting:219/308

Liberal: 110
Conser.: 053
BQ: 037
NDP: 019
Other: 00
More later (as BC results come in).

UPDATE #2: 8:00pm (Pacific) - Standings (so far):
Leading and elected. Reporting:307/308 (and wouldn't you know it...the only riding that hasn't reported anything is the one I live in...):

Liberal: 135
Conser.: 091
BQ: 056
NDP: 024
Other: 001 (Ind.)
So it looks like a Liberal minority with the NDP holding the balance of power. I guess the Peaceable Kingdom is safe (for the time being)...