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Friday, June 11, 2004


Here's the latest (Canadian) election poll info (as of June 10th):
A new Ipsos-Reid/CTV/Globe and Mail poll released today shows that at the mid-point of the election campaign the horse-race between the two major parties is neck-and-neck with the Federal Liberals at 32% and the new Conservatives at 31% (both unchanged from Ipsos-Reid’s last sounding).

Meanwhile, the federal NDP comes in with 16% of the decided vote (down 1 point) and the Green Party comes in with 7% (up 1 point). A very small portion (3%) of decided voters would cast their support for some “other” party.
The good news is that 61% of those polled are against a Conservative/Bloc minority government while 57% would support a Liberal/NDP one.

Mind you, I put no great faith in polling. I've read Claire Hoy's book Margin of Error; and I still have my first-year university statistics course text, which is charmingly titled How To Lie With Statistics (still in print and still considered a "standard text").

Ah well, the truth will out June 28th...